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Social Circle Study Group

In partnership with Social Circle City Schools, Social Circle, Georgia


Doctoral students Jake Klerlein and Lu Pien Cheng continued to work intensively with teachers and students in Social Circle.

Jake taught part-time in the Social Circle middle school for the whole year. He and the middle school mathematics teachers made an effort to establish a professional learning community through

• weekly working lunches;
• cooperatively planning several lessons and their implementations;
• observing each other in their classrooms, co-planning, and co-teaching;
• working on mathematical knowledge for teaching with focus on problem-solving, use of technology, and the new GA Performance Standards (GPS) for mathematics.

Lu Pien Cheng continued to work with teachers in the Social Circle primary school:

• The second-grade teachers observed Lu Pien as she taught mathematics in their classrooms and conducted laboratory classes.
• They opened their classroom to observations,
• met, as a group, for sharing ideas, plan and critique laboratory classes, and
• participated in monthly interview sessions.


The CPTM Social Circle study group worked with teachers in the Social Circle Schools to improve their proficiency in teaching mathematics. All three of the middle school mathematics teachers in Social Circle participated in the CPTM 2003 Summer Institute, and this year, members of the study group have been observing and co-teaching mathematics classes at the middle school, as well as helping the teachers use technology with the second-grade teachers.
The following people from the University of Georgia were members of the study group for Spring Semester 2004:
Tanya Cofer (organizer)
Andy Tyminski
Denise Brewley
Jake Klerlein
Lu Pien Cheng