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PRIME - Partnerships In Reform In Mathematics Education

PRIME, located at the University of Georgia, is a CPTM-related program of field experience in which pre-service teachers of secondary mathematics, their mentor teachers, and teacher educators jointly study mathematics learning and teaching in school settings. In addition to enhancing the pre-service teachers’ field experience, the project provides unique professional development opportunities for mentor teachers as well as experience in research and supervision for both teachers and participating doctoral students.

PRIME forms the core of the senior year of the secondary mathematics education program at UGA. The secondary mathematics methods course, a field experience course, student teaching, and the professional teaching seminar are conducted through partnerships between UGA and participating schools. The partnership is promoted through interaction among mentor teachers, pre-service teachers, and UGA supervisors, often in “cluster” meetings at participating schools.

As part of CPTM’s activities, various features of PRIME are being adapted for use in elementary and middle school field experiences, adding schools cooperating with the Center to the set of PRIME schools in which those field experiences are conducted and identifying teachers in those schools as mentors.

The PRIME Web site is at: