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Mathematics Education Certificate Program

University of George

As part of CPTM’s efforts to prepare mathematicians to teach teachers, the Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia, in cooperation with the Mathematics Department, offers a newly established graduate certificate in mathematics education that is specifically designed for doctoral students in mathematics with an interest in mathematics teacher education.

The certificate requires participants to complete 15 hours of coursework and field experience. Areas of study include the following: a survey of mathematics education theory or research, problem solving with technology, school (K-12) observation, assistance with mathematics content and methods classes for teachers and electives.

As part of the certificate program, mathematics graduate students work alongside graduate students in mathematics education who will one day be their colleagues. Mathematics faculty who have experience assisting with courses for pre-service teachers, who have visited schools, and who have some knowledge about mathematics education theory and research will be better prepared to assist in the training of mathematically proficient teachers.

The program is administered by the Head and the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Mathematics Education. For information, write: or

Note: The lead in getting this program established was the first CPTM postdoctoral student, Tanya Cofer: