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Mathematics Teacher Educators Study Group

The Mathematics Teacher Educators Study Group explores mathematics for teaching and the teaching of that mathematics to prospective elementary teachers. They seek to understand and improve their teaching of mathematics content courses for teachers. The study group gives participants an opportunity to engage in the development of tools and tasks for these courses and to engage in “lesson study” around their teaching of these courses. The group constitutes a form of faculty development and provides a way to build local capacity, both broadly around the course, as well as specific to the domain of mathematical knowledge for teaching.

Sessions have included what teachers need to know and be able to do mathematically when they teach, as well as how we might teach this to them. Often the work is grounded in records of practice. The group might watch a video of a third-grade classroom or a teacher education class as they consider what teachers need to know about mathematical definitions or justification. The group might discuss what makes a good task for the first day of a mathematics content course for teachers and then try it out in their classes and report back to the group.

The group includes faculty and graduate students from U-M Ann Arbor, U-M Dearborn, Western Michigan University, Henry Ford Community College, Grand Valley State University, Washtenaw Community College, and Aquinas College.