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Mathematics Methods Planning Study Group

The Mathematics Methods Planning Study Group, directed by Deborah Ball, collectively plans and teaches five sections of a course on teaching elementary school mathematics at the University of Michigan. Three of these sections are for undergraduate education majors and two of them are for students pursuing masters with certification. Through an intense schedule of meetings and email exchange, instructors – plus friendly others – produce common syllabi, assignments, and detailed lesson plans.

During the teaching semesters members attend Ball’s section and one another’s classes, debrief, and use the shared experience to study teaching. Then, revised and annotated instructional tools serve as a library for future years. The group meets during the non-teaching semester to reflect on the broader nature of the work of teaching mathematics methods to pre-service teachers and prepare for the next teaching semester.

People Currently Affiliated With the Study Group include: Deborah Ball, Hyman Bass, Tim Boerst, Rhonda Cohen, Melissa Gilbert, Dana Gosen, Mark Hoover, Jenny Lewis, Teresa McMahon, Wil Oonk, Helen Siedel, Laurie Sleep, Andreas Stylianides, and Gabriel Stylianides.