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PRIME - Partnerships In Reform In Mathematics Education

Project InterMath is a professional development effort used by CPTM to support teachers in developing their proficiency. It focuses on mathematical investigations that are supported by technology. InterMath includes a workshop component as well as an ongoing support community that includes a lesson-plan database and a discussion board.

InterMath was designed to provide middle school mathematics teachers with opportunities to improve their mathematics background and to give them experience in using technology tools to do mathematics. The InterMath Web site is at:

The Web site has collections of mathematics explorations in the areas of algebra, number, geometry, and data analysis. These areas correspond to major content strands of the middle school mathematics curriculum.

The instructors’ section is of particular interest to CPTM in that it provides suggestions for course syllabi constructed from the Web-site explorations as well as support materials for instructors of classes of middle school teachers.

The InterMath site also has an on-line dictionary of mathematical terms constructed for use by middle school students and teachers or by the parents of middle school students.

Project InterMath is a collaborative effort between the University of Georgia, CEISMC at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and regional technology centers in the state of Georgia. Development of InterMath was funded by the National Science Foundation.
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