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In This Section
CPTM, the Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics, aims to strengthen the system of professional education that supports teachers of mathematics throughout their careers.

CPTM is a National Science Foundation (NSF) -funded Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) involving the University of Georgia and the University of Michigan. Working with teacher educators from 2- and 4-year higher education institutions, mathematicians, professional developers, teacher leaders, and graduate students in mathematics education and mathematics, we focus on two questions:
  • What mathematical knowledge and skill is needed for effective teaching of mathematics?
  • How can teachers develop and learn to use this knowledge and skill in their professional practice?

About CPTM and NSF:

"The Centers for Learning and Teaching (CLT) program addresses the need to enrich and diversify the national infrastructure for standards-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. The goal is to increase the number of K-12 educators prepared in content, pedagogy, and assessment methodologies. Each Center has a specific concentration but all offer an environment that merges education research, high-quality professional development, and the teaching of innovative instructional practices. Each CLT consists of a doctoral degree-awarding university and one or more school districts, plus partnering organizations." --from the National Science Foundation web sites